Learning – Maddy

I feel as though I have been here there and everywhere recently and I know I haven’t really got time to take a breather yet.

I have had a wonderful time gadding off doing some exciting things. Me and the OH went of the watch the MotoGP at Silverstone at the start of the month. I had a wonderful time. The race was brilliant and I must say I wasn’t disappointed with the result. We went for all 4 days. I spent some of the time when the sun was actually shining trying to get some pictures and getting shouted at by marshals for standing too close to the fence. The other times we sat in the grandstands and wrapped up because of cause we live in Britain where you can go from sweating your arse off to have 5 layers on and still being cold all in one day.


The Race day was the high light I hadn’t been to a race before always just watch it on TV and I wasn’t sure what the expect. We were in the Rossi stand and had a good view of the big screen. We had all been riven flags to wave around. it was wonderful to have everyone around you supporting the same people cheering, gasping, shouting all together. It was unforgettable.

I then went back to work for a few days and was off again.This time to do some training on the motorbikes and hopefully pass to get my full bike license. Now in the UK it is a silly method to get your licence. First you do your CBT the allows you to ride scooters and up to 125cc bikes, then you have to do a theory test, then you have your big tests you MOD1 test (off-road test) and your MOD2 test, If you pass all of the above then you have your license.

I had done my theory and my CBT already so have 5 days of training and test to get my license. I was very worried because if I failed the first test I would have to rethink everything probably looking at next year which I really didn’t want to do.

I spent the Saturday in the pouring rain training for my MOD1. We were at a large car park where the instructors had set out cones to simulate the test. You have to do figure of 8’s, slalom, u turns. emergency stops and an avoidance exercise. I quickly found my balance and a way of getting the bike to do what I wanted and I felt a lot lot better about the while thing. I liked the gent I was doing it with was finding it hard as well and the instructor was very confidence giving. There was another pair of older guys doing it who thought that they were amazing.

I hate when men go ‘ Are you finding it alright? You may struggle with this kind of thing.’ ohh actually go and do one people.

The Sunday we had the chance to practice at the test center which was good to actually get chance to see what it is like and to use the speed trap. For a change the sun was shining and I thought well this isn’t too bad after all is it.
Monday was test day. I couldn’t sleep the night before. I had to be at the training centre at 7.15 and my test was at 8.55. I really really felt sick. I rode over and kept thinking of all the things that could go wrong. AAAHHH i thought why are you doing thins you silly woman. I went on and a little bit like a dressage test it was over and I though what just happened did I do ok?? Thankfully through some miracle I passed.

This meant onwards and upwards. Tuesday I had training again this time on the roads around all the areas that I would be doing my test. It was so hot it wasn’t even funny. The instructor was brilliant and had a different way of teaching which took a while to get used to. I found it strange because I don’t drive in the area and I’m really not used to so much traffic but it was a good learning curve.

The Wednesday was my test. I havent been so nervous in a long time. I was sitting waiting to be called my hands were shaking. When I got started I thought I had failed straight away and spent the first 5 minutes chuntering to myself ‘you idiot, you failed already’ I had everything massive lorries going through small villages, traffic, people walking out on me, road sweepers and horse riders. I spent large amounts of time going what is the speed limit here I thought I saw a sign but it has been a while, second guessing my every move. In then end though I passed.

Now all I need is a bike.


Sunshine – Maddy

After spending the weekend at Silverstone watching the MotoGP (had an amazing time) sitting in the wind and rain freezing, today I spent some time with Lady hiring a school to do some training in the sun. 

I had a really good time and Lady was a good girl considering she hasn’t been ridden in a week. Our main aim at the moment is to work on the argument that we have after the introduction of canter. 

To Lady cantering is the best thing ever and once you have done it everything else goes to s**t. We have to work really hard to establish the trot again. All she does is fling her head around and try to canter left right and centre. Some of the transitions she throws in if I asked for them would be amazing. 

After a lesson the other day I am doing the right thing and it is unfortunately just an argument that I am going to have to win. I have to learn not to give in with my hands and reward the bad behaviour which can be a little hard when it feels like she is pulling my arms out of their sockets, but it is improving bit by bit. 

Today we had a 5 minute argument and then got something workable so I was very very happy. 

It was however very very warm and Lady Loo (and myself) were sweating buckets. Thankfully you are able to use the washbox at this yard so I was able to give her a good wash down which she enjoyed. 

Then before heading home she stood in the sunshine munching her hay, while I downed a bottle of coke ( I was gasping)

I do love her xxx

Time -Maddy

Time management 
Something which I am terrible at. I spend most of my life trying to plan things in last minute, and generally this doesn’t work. 

When your young you think that you have all the time in the world and it is brilliant. No one ever tells you that when you grow up you feel like you have none. 

I recently booked my DAS motorcycle and my theory test, thinking you have loads of time to practise and before you know it week after week goes by and I am now panicking thinking I’m going to fail and fall on my face. 

The baby bike I took out for a spin.

I am trying to hire a little bike as much as I can to get some practise. The only problem is when I have a day of I am trying to do that and ride the horse and everything else. There are not enough hours in the day. The idea being that when I get round to doing my test I will feel a little more comfortable on the bike and can focus more on doing what I need to do to pass the test. 

Best laid plans and all that. 

Half of the time trying to schedule things in with my OH who is as grumpy as they come due to recent incidents that I shan’t go into seems impossible. He is one of those who won’t give you a yes or no answer, or even more annoyingly says yes and then changes his mind last minute. It feels like a full time job just trying to keep a smile on his face and some days he barely says 2 words to me when he is having a really bad day. 
How on earth do you squeeze in everything;

Work (full time plus having to put in over time at the minute to keep on top of things)



Cleaning the car


Spending bonding time with Lady


Poo picking


Appointments (therapy, etc)


Motorbike practise 

Shopping (food, I own a horse I have no money for clothes)

Seeing friends

Seeing the OH (you have to give them token time)

Driving around picking things up. 


I mean eating good god when do you do that and who the hell has time to cook full meals!!
When I get home I find once I’m sat down that’s it I’m done. 
I also make the mistake of starting projects I’m in the process of refurbishing my alloys on my car. Why oh why did I start that (yes I know it’s because they look terrible and the bus made my drive up the curb) but still. 
Life is endless and I don’t want to miss any of it if I can help it, but I also feel like a could sleep for a year. 
Sorry for the little rant 🙂

Sparkling Pony – Maddy

Now I will tell you here and now that when it comes to grooming I am terrible. A quick flick over before I ride and I’m ready.

Every now and again I have a light bulb moment and I remember that because of this I don’t spend much time just pampering and spending time with Lady (annoying her).

I decided to spend the evening cleaning her up. I decided to give her legs a good clean down, especially as being a mare her back legs are horrible from squirting everywhere when she is in season. Also I decided to clean her mane and tail. Something that I haven’t done properly since last year.

Much to my horror I found that she had some mud fever on one of her foot

and a strange scabby area at the top of her tail.

I ran through my mind thinking oh no have I not noticed these how long have they been there. I am the worst owner. I set to work scrubbing away and she stood happily munching away while I set to work telling her all that was going on in my life. The yard was empty so I was left to my own devices without people butting in telling me that’t not how you so that, ooo she doesn’t like that or are you going somewhere? what are you doing? the sun was shining so I really enjoyed myself.

Lady loved having her face washed, the flies are driving her crazy at the moment an it makes her face sore. She is very happy to have water sponged on her face and rubbed. I think her favorite part is having a towel over her face and the rubbing really well to dry her off.

I gave her some food and put sudocrem on her foot and tail to sooth the irritation.

I will happily report that the following day her scabs peeled of her tail and the skin underneath looks sore but healthy and her foot is already looking better.

Needless to say I think I will try to work in a little more pampering time with her given how much she seemed to enjoy it and how relaxed she was.